Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mumble Jumble In My Brain (And On Paper!)

So what do you do when you have a million ideas spinning around in your head but can't get them out?!?

A few weeks ago, I uncovered an incredible inspiration that brought about a flood of ideas. Since then, I've started about five children's stories and six feature articles (with many more ideas listed in my little red notebook).

I've dealt with what people refer to as writer's block before. This is something I can work through. I simply force myself to freewrite. After a page or two of scattered thoughts and assorted ramblings, the clutter from my mind starts to clear and the words begin to pour out... coherently. What's left is a very detailed and organized article or story.

This has been my method for many years. These past two weeks, it appears, I am in need of a new method. Freewriting only led me to about eight pages of story starts, or middles, or outlines that, for some unknown reason, I am unable to complete.

I have so much going on in my mind and I've put as much as I can make sense of onto paper. Now what?

How have some of you overcome being 'stuck'? (Natalie, this obviously does not apply to you recently!) :o)


Natalie said...

This happened to me when I got all of my story ideas seemingly at once. They came in quick succession and all screamed for attention.

Basically I played triage--I took care of the once who was screaming the loudest. Then the next, and then the next.

And once I chose, I forced the other characters in my brain to shut up until I finished. This is also why I've been flying through the books--they are all very persistent in bugging me.

Never Settle said...

Triage... I like that. I guess that's the problem with having all the ideas at once and being excited about all of them! I'll dig out my old lab coat and stethescope and do a little triaging!

Thanks, Natalie!

Natalie said...

Get to it!