Monday, September 22, 2008

Twenty Two Years Ago

Drawing was an emotional outlet for me when I was a child. Twenty two years ago, I had a sketchbook that I kept in the drawer of my grandmother's antique sewing table. I grew up and moved out- leaving the book behind. I served in the army, got married, had two children and moved on to other forms of artistic (and quite emotional) expression.

Years later, my mother gave me a birthday gift. She found my old sketchbook, cut out some of her favorites and had them framed for me. I was quite surprised that she had kept them for so long, and I was thankful because it rekindled the passion I had for drawing.


Renee Collins said...

Cool drawings! You have real talent. That was nice of your Mom to save those for you. I wish I had some of my doodles from High School, bit because they were good, but for a good laugh. :)

Never Settle said...

Thanks, Renee. My mom rocks like that. ;)

Kiersten said...

That is so neat! What a wonderful treasure.

Monnik said...

what an amazing gift! I love this idea! and the artwork is great!

I used to draw and paint and all of that. Even majored in art my first year in college.

But life got in the way and I haven't done anything more artistic than painting my kitchen since then. I miss it.

Never Settle said...

I can absolutely relate to life getting in the way. Life took me away from my passions for many, many years. It's funny how much life I got back when I decided to pursue them again. I'm a much better mom and a happier person now.

Maybe sneak in a little time here and there just for you... to do what you love. It could be the start of something beautiful.