Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RE: Off The Writing Track

A Different World by Bucky Covington


Patty said...

that song speaks the truth. Too bad we couldn't keep the good of those times, like ethical behaviors etc and be happy that we have moved away from the things that were not healthy. Cancer rates are mighty high in my generation !

Never Settle said...

We certainly have lost a lot. Everyone tries to be so politically correct now with the "no child left behind" and "let's not offend anyone" rules. Children aren't allowed to learn the tough school yard lessons or to learn that if they don't work for something (ie. passing grades) they fail. They aren't learning that sometimes they aren't the best, but the goal is to do THEIR best. And they certainly aren't learning that disrespecting other people or their property has severe consequences.

Hmmm. I think I'll stop there and make a separate blog about all of this. I think I'll call it my politically incorrect opinion! :o)

Patty, thanks for stopping by.