Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stirred Memories

The rediscovery of my Lowly Worm Word Book led me down Memory Lane (this is referred to as if it were an actual road on a map). In reality, my "Memory Lane" is called 8th Street or simply 'the strip.'

It began at the Sonic Drive-in and ended at College Park (a shopping center near the community college). It was THE place to cruise back in high school. All along this nearly one mile strip, kids would hang out in various parking lots. Each clique- defined by school, social status, financial status, interests, etc.- had their own place.

Lowly Worm was like an undersea earthquake that initiated a tsunami of memories. Remembering the 'strip' was only the first wave. The rush that followed was almost overwhelming. One of the waves that hit me with great force was Duke. Such wonderful memories.

Let me tell you a little about Duke.


Natalie said...

Oooo I love Sonic. Yum.

Memory Lane, that sounds great. Hopefully you have good memories.

Never Settle said...

Sonic definitely rocks!!

My trip down Memory Lane takes me through some good and bad neighborhoods, but I'm thankful for them all. I never would have made it here (who I am today) if I had not travelled that road!