Thursday, September 25, 2008

Inspiration at 20,000 Feet Above the Earth

This is the picture that inspired the previously posted sketch. It is one of the treasures I found today during my ramblings in the garage.


Natalie said...

Whew, he looks like a vampire to me.

Never Settle said...

I loved the intensity in his eyes. That's what drew me to this picture.

Kiersten said...

Yeah, a little spooky!

Fun stuff though, you captured the angle well.

Never Settle said...

Thanks. I hope you two didn't get caught up in the edits I was just making with the background- not being able to read text. I'm not satisfied with it yet, but I can't have with one that matches Janey's. :)

Don Hendricks said...

Hey, count me a regular reader. I have two cats and a house full of ripped up furniture my wife hates but won't replace until two cats R.I.P.


Never Settle said...

Thanks for coming by, Don. I am fortunate to only have one corner of one sofa ripped by the cats. I am also very fortunate to work from home so I can chase them down every time they try to start on a new one! :o) I would love to buy new furniture, but just like you I won't do that until the cats are gone. I've vowed not to rescue anymore, but that's what I said after the first two.

I really do love our five cats. They're so unique and energetic and they drive me nuts! The baby cat is a special needs cat- underdeveloped spinal cord- but she's the spunkiest of all of them now!

By the way, the name of your blog really got my attention. I grew up in the heart of dixie in Mississippi near the Alabama state line.

Don Hendricks said...

Well now, that makes us kinfolk. My family moved south when I was 11 to Troy AL, and four years later to Jackson, MS and two church ministries in Crystal Springs, and Moss Point, MS before heading west 18 years ago. It remains true to this moment, I love/hate the south.
Attended my 40th High School reunion this summer and loved reconnecting with the yall's and hay, how are yaaaaa's.

Never Settle said...

Don wrote, "It remains true to this moment, I love/hate the south."

Me too!!!! I love the simple life (which is why I love the Morning Ramble blog so much), but there were reasons I left. Humidity and mosquitoes being the main ones. ;)