Monday, September 22, 2008

Tying Shoes


Kiersten said...

Oh, man! I deleted my own comment. Dangit.

Basically, I think you're amazing for finding all of these great creative outlets. Good for you for pursuing things you love (and are good at ; ))

Also, I've finally gotten on the ball and added you to my blogroll. Sometimes I forget about these things ; )

Never Settle said...

Thank you so much... for the "and are good at" comment. ;) Funny how we don't see ourselves the way others do.

I think I would exlode, literally, if I didn't have all of these outlets! There have been some really rough times in my life when a BIG piece of paper and some serious scribbling with charcoal have really brought me some peace. Maybe that's why I love charcoal so much. Lots of quick movement... lots of scribble motions for the smudging... and it just gets darker and darker the harder you press. (That's how I have felt at times- very dark.)

Regarding your most recent post: You wanna borrow my charcoal?

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. :o)

Kiersten said...

lol, you know, right now I'm using chocolate in massive doses ; ) And trying my hand at some non-fiction to write through what I'm experiencing. We'll see how that goes. I have a hard time writing as an "adult."

Never Settle said...

Kiersten said, "...right now I'm using chocolate in massive doses..."

Chocolate works! Dr. Pepper and chocolate or Pepsi and Doritos with jalapeno cheddar cheese dip almost always work for me.