Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frantic Scribbling

A while back, Natalie wrote a post in her own handwriting. This was a unique and clever idea and her writing was very neat and legible. Her post prompted a few others to do the same.

Which brings me to this post. If I were writing a personal letter, a quick note on a card or even a journal entry, my penmanship would be quite different than what you see here. I call this frantic scribbling. (If you have other ideas about what to call it, keep them to yourself.) :o)

You're probably wondering why I don't write on the computer since it's much easier to edit the work. I usually do. But when it comes to overcoming writer's block or difficulty organizing ideas on the computer screen (or in my head), I prefer to do things the old school way... with pen and paper.

You might also be wondering why I don't write in pencil so I can just erase what I want to change. There is a reason for that, too. Sometimes I write what comes to mind first, and then change it... ten times. In the end, I come back to the first idea I had. The problem with erasing or deleting is that I can't always remember what it was I wrote to start with (or the other nine edits in between). I find that my scratched out ideas/edits can be re-read and re-used if they work better than others I have come up with.

This particular work is the product of twenty minutes of fast and furious scribbling and it is FAR from finished. After I have composed the content, I will start rearranging so the rhymes will flow. I am careful with this part because it often ignites a whole new round of editing content. Once it's done, I will type it and save it on the computer with my other completed projects.

At some point, I will submit it for publishing. And then the process of editing will begin again. :o)


Natalie said...

Your writing is so fluid and artistic:)

Never Settle said...

I know you're not talking about how it LOOKS. :o)

Thank you.

Never Settle said...

This is intended as a book of colors for children (or dancers of all ages). In my mind, I see it illustrated with soft lightly outlined watercolors of girls of different nationalities doing the moves named and in the settings described... but very whimsical and light... in a fantasy type world. Everything on the page would be different variations/hues of that particular color.

Natalie said...

sounds lovely:)

JaneyV said...

It sounds really great.

I too am known for getting the pen 'n' ink out when I'm flummoxed. I think it's our visual brain needing to doodle with ideas. I see from your drawings that you are very artistic and talented graphically. Sometimes I think our brains object (by going on strike) when we don't use all its talents. Creativity is a many splendored thing!

What an immensely beautiful blog template you have! Heehee!

Never Settle said...

Janey, I am a very visual person and I have to touch everything. (Which could be why I almost never get sick. I've touched and built immunity to almost every germ/bacteria known to man.)

Don't you go stealing my new look when I change it again! :)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Monnik said...

I love this. It looks like my scribbles too. I'm not a published writer, nor do I have any organized writing projects in my brain, but I love to observe life (at softball games, the grocery store, wherever) and jot down thoughts on it. So I keep a notebook in my purse. The pages in it look a lot like yours.

Never Settle said...

I love watching people! My aunt used to go to the airport and bus stop just to do that. She noted the differences between the type of people and the way they interact- based on which mode of transportation they took. People are quite fascinating... and sometimes just plain weird. :)