Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'll Take a Million Dollars!

I am in general agreement with the views expressed here, especially the idea to give each of the 350 million Americans a million dollars to stimulate the economy rather than bailing out Wall Street. Who wants a million dollars?

Sometimes businesses fail. The government's purpose is not to bail out a particular industry because of poor decision making and management. If all of the small business owners (like me) were to suffer like the banking/credit industries are now, do you think the government would bail us out. I think not.


Kiersten said...

I'm with you--give me the million!

Of course, that would create all sorts of problems, too!

The whole thing is a mess, and I'm too tired to think about any of it ; )

Natalie said...

I'll take the million as well. Heck, I'd take 10k...5k.

Never Settle said...

I'd be happy with much less than a million!

So, Mr. George Dub-ya, hows about slipping about $25K my way. :)

Never Settle said...

Kiersten, is the headache better today? (Hoping so.)