Thursday, July 31, 2008

Forever Indebted

Dear Richard Scarry,

I owe you a very special THANK YOU! After being inspired by the one sneaker wearing worm last week, I have completed one short children's bedtime story and have another in the works. Even though I have only written two, Lowly has inspired so many ideas that my computer (err... notebook and pretty red pen) will hardly have time to rest in the coming weeks and months. Because of this wonderful little book, Mr. Scarry, I am forever indebted.



My first children's book is COMPLETE! I shared it with a parent today and she loved it! It's short and sweet... and will hopefully be a best selling little board book when it's published! (I'm naming it and claiming it!) A second story is written, but it just isn't flowing well for me. A little re-working of the sentence structure and a little rearranging here and there, and voila! It's amazing how exhausting writing something so short can be!

I believe it's because I pour all of my creative energy into everything I write, regardless of length. But isn't that what makes writing such a beautiful experience to start with? I have to say that I have gained a new respect for those of you who can write anything longer than ten pages! ;)


Natalie said...

Yay! That is great news.

Actually, I admire people who can write short things:) I don't think I have the ability to write something so concise, heh.

Keep it up!

Never Settle said...

Thank you, Natalie! For over ten years I've been telling my family, "When I grow up, I want to write and illustrate children's books." (I haven't given up on my dream to illustrate, but I'm taking it one step at a time.)

Does this mean I'm finally starting to grow up? Nah, impossible! I'm too much of a kid at heart!

I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog that day (although I believe everything happens for a reason). You're so cheerful and encouraging! Thanks.

(ACK! FOUR tries to get this comment right!)

Macincrash said...

So, what's a guy gotta do around here to have a character crated after him in your soon-to-be best-selling kids' book? :)

I'm pretty much a cartoon character already. So we're half-way there! :D

Keep up the great work on the blog AND your writing!

Never Settle said...

Aww, Mac-i-poo! You finally made it!

You're right. You're already quite a character!

Thanks for the friendship and support the past twelve years! You've been there through so many life changes for me. I appreciate you sticking around for all the ones to come. :D

I'll send you a signed copy of my first published book. When I start making mega bucks, I'll send you the birthday present you've always wanted. ;)

One Maid A' Milking said...

I think I may have something in your area, if your interested.

Elance just posted the following job:

"We're currently looking for a freelance creative children's writer to help us finish 5 out of 14 scripts need to create a series of animations aimed at teaching foreign languages to children. We are writing the scripts in english and then will be translating them into various languages.

Each animation will be roughly 2-3 minutes (2-3 pages in screenplay format) in length and are designed to introduce five or six vocab words revolving around a different theme. The idea for each is to be short and simple but still fun and engaging. The key to these animation is repetition. Each vocab word needs to be used in the animation at least 3 times.

We have finished 9 of the 14 themes. We are primarily looking for another writer because of our lack of time to complete the last 5 scripts. Attached are a couple of the finished scripts to give you a better understanding of what we need. We even have a basic plot for each script (attached) you'll be doing, so it should be a fairly simple project for you. The resources provided are a starting point. Feel free to be creative and experiment a little. If you've got some ideas that my be better we'd love to here them.

Finally, the time line is pretty short. We need the scripts as soon as possible so we can translate, bring voice talent in, and send audio to our animators for production. You must be willing to dedicate a significant amount of time to this project until completed."

Feel free to email me if you have no idea what I'm talking about.....

Never Settle said...

One Maid a' Milking, I apologize for the delay. We've been very busy with my sons coming back into town from a six week visit with their father and getting ready for school tomorrow.

I really appreciate the information. I'll go to elance and search for that posting! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

You should check out it might be the ticket to you getting published. (Did I mention it was free). I have started a kids book pn there too. :)

Something my daughter and I sing while she takes a bath.