Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Query About Queries

Wow! There is quite a mountain of information about this topic on the web! Unfortunately, most of it is repetitive, generic and overall not useful. While I'm not looking to steal your business, I am looking to start one.

A few questions for the published writers out there:

Have you discovered specific tips through your experiences that make your query letters more effective? Have you found the editors and publishers respond more to specific elements or certain formats? What is a reliable resource of current editors names and publishing company contact information?

Your experience and knowledge are invaluable and I welcome your input!


Natalie said...

For agents, check out and Those are great resources for finding agents in your genre and who accepts what.

As for writing the query, it's crazy and I would say the best help is getting it critiqued. I had mine roasted at Evil Editor and that helped a ton. Having other people look at it really is the best thing.

Never Settle said...

Thanks, Natalie! I really appreciate the information!

PS. Best of luck on the queries you sent recently!!