Monday, July 28, 2008

Name It and Claim It!

I love the way Prill Boyle describes doubt in her blog post Dealing With Doubt. Prill Boyle writes,

I'm struggling with doubt. The trick, I suspect, is to turn away before it grabs you by the throat. My personal demon sits on my shoulder wearing a gray business suit and a fedora and whispers in my ear that I'd better keep my day job. 'You're not a writer,' it taunts me. When I shared this with my mom, she remarked, 'That little devil sounds just like your dad!' I still struggle with doubt. (Who doesn't?) But these days I no longer ignore my fedora-wearing demon; I talk back to it!

The Bible says, "Life and death are in the power of the tongue."

Think back to the first time you truly fell in love. Every molecule of your being was consumed with a deep, passionate love for that person. You felt it raging inside of you like water boiling, the tiny bubbles of air racing to the surface trying desperately to escape. Do you remember how your feelings (and your relationship) changed when you spoke the words "I love you!" for the very first time? It made that abstract feeling real, tangible. Speaking those words changed the way his lips felt on yours, the way his arms felt wrapped around you, holding you close.

I believe in the power of spoken (and written) words. Speaking/writing what's in our hearts, our souls, and our spirits for the world to hear/read transforms our thoughts and feelings into living entities that can change and grow.

Face your fears and doubts and talk back to them! Shout to them that you refuse to let them control your life or prevent you from making THIS dream happen!

Name it and claim it!


Kiersten said...

Unfortunately it's not my fears and doubts holding me back.

Can I shout out to the agents to just read my book already?

But this is so true, and a great post. I love how you related it to first love ; )

Never Settle said...

NOTICE TO AGENTS: Please get off your bahookies and read Kiersten's book already!!!

Thank you for the comment and compliment. :o)

Never Settle said...

It is easy for me to relate just about any topic to some aspect of love. It just so happens that my first love was... still is... the most amazing, powerful, all-consuming... love of my life.