Friday, October 3, 2008

On The Fritz

I am sorry to say that my dear old computer has been (will likely be again) on the fritz. I will post as long as it runs, but if the geek gods have other plans for me, please forgive my absence.


Don Hendricks said...

Get yourself out there and buy a new computer to stimulate the not wait for your million, go into debt, its the American way....!

Thank you for your links, I am enjoying Morning Ramble. Carmen and I at In the Open Space have been talking as I love movies.

Don across town

Kiersten said...

Oh dear, computer problems are so frustrating. Here's hoping things work out well and inexpensively for you ; )

Never Settle said...

Thank you, Kiersten. Maybe you can share some of that sparkly dust stuff that your friend keeps sprinkling on you. :o)

Don, I wish I could buy a new one right now. My son would love it if I did so I wouldn't kick him off of mine when I want to use it. And I love both of those blogs. I grew up living simply with gardens and animals for eggs, milk and such. It's an "I'm home" feeling for me to read that blog, and I love the way Carmen seeks God in all things.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get it fixed soon.